The 3,000-tonne Power Generation Vessel was built in Maine

Wave Hub Limited, based in Hayle, Cornwall (UK), manages offshore test sites to advance the development of offshore renewable energy technologies. The Wave Hub Ldt’s core role is to manage the Wave Hub facility and facilitate testing of a range of offshore technologies including large scale wave energy devices, wave energy arrays, hybrid wind/wave devices, major subcomponents and associated subsea equipment.
An American wave energy company is going to test a 9 MW device into the test site off the coast of Hayle. The Power Generation Vessel’s full-scale device will be 72 meters long, 22 meters high and 18 metres wide. At Wave Hub in Cornwall the Power Generation Vessel’s expected conditions are to generate enough electricity to power about 5,000 homes. At the end of the test, the giant machine will be towed across the Atlantic in summer 2018.
The Power Generation Vessel is bigger than the largest offshore wind turbine and furthermore it could open the possibility of large-scale wave energy at a price that could compete with the cheapest low carbon technologies.
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