Signed a cooperation agreement in the field of nuclear fusion research.

The agreement between the Institute of Ionized Gas (IGI) of the National Research Council (CNR), Consorzio RFX of Padua and the National Institute for Fusion Science, Naki (Japan), strengthens collaboration already underway for several years for the production of energy from nuclear fusion.
Will result in a joint support to cooperation projects, facilitating the mobility of researchers, the immediate availability of data on scientific results, exchange of devices and research tools.
At the Institute ionized gases of the CNR of Padua, is active for several years one of the most important experiments on fusion plasmas: the machine RFX, a line of research that has seen paduan researchers conquer scientific leadership internationally.
For several years, always in Padua at the Consorzio RFX is developing a new line of research (the project PRIMA) aimed at developing a system neutral injection, high energy, which will be used to heat the plasma in ITER, the experimental reactor fusion under construction in France.
In this area, the Italy-Japan cooperation is already very strong. Japan contributes fact, together with Europe, the supply of scientific equipment that will be installed shortly on the system to the development of the system of neutral injection Neutral Beam Injection System, under construction in Padua at the Research area of the CNR.
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