scambiatori-calore-acqua-olio-piastre-saldobrasateThe M18, M25, M55 series heat exchangers by Costante Sesino, with braze welded plates, consists of pressed stainless steel plates which are brazed with copper alloy through a vacuum process.

During the brazing process the plates are packed by turning them by 180° so to produce two separate flow chambers, where the fluids, which have to exchange heat, flow in opposite directions.

The pressure on the plates causes a great turbulence in the fluids; this increases the thermic exchange coefficients even in case of little volumetric flows.

Advantages of this solution are a compact and light unit, a high thermic exchange coefficient thanks to the particular structure of the plates, a high working temperature and pressure, a high corrosion resistance because the plates are in stainless steel and a simple installation and reparation: no maintenance is required.

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