Last February was held the event ‘The dredging in ports: a challenge for the environment’ organized by the Tuscany Region to present two LIFE projects (Sekret and Cleansed) reported by the European Union as “successful” projects. The Region has welcomed this recognition that confirms the commitment that is dedicated to key issues such as environmental protection and sustainable development.

The LIFE Cleansed is coordinated by the ISE-CNR in Pisa and provides that the decontaminated dredging sediments with an innovative and integrated approach, to be reused both in the field of agronomy and in the environmental field. For agronomic application, the sediments were used as growth substrates in the nursery: in fact, in the course of growing evidence of ornamental species at Cespevi of Pistoia, the Experimental Center for the Nursery. For environmental applications, the sediments were reused to build a hundred meters of bike path that runs along the Navicelli canal waterway that connects Pisa to Livorno. The bike path was inaugurated in March of 2015 in the presence of the mayor of Pisa.

The project, which will end March 31, 2016, saw the participation of companies Navicelli of Pisa, the CEBAS-CSICS of Murcia in Spain, the Ibimet-CNR in Florence, the Department of sciences of food production and the environment (Dispaa) of the University of Florence, Department of civil and industrial engineering (say) of the University of Pisa.

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