Today an “energetic” crowdfunding could be the winning way to financing the solar panels or wind turbine projects: for a lot of researchers this is the way to save the planet.
Chiara Candelise, an Italian researcher at Bocconi University and London Imperial College, is the co-founder of the platform Ecomill, the first energy crowdfunding project in Italy authorized by the regulatory authority, but it is not yet operational.
There is already a similar crowdfunding platform in Finland, called Joukon Voima, and its CEO Jukka Kajan said that the greatest challenge is the difficulty of providing projects to actually be crowdfunding, but there is a whole host of different reasons why investors find the sector attractive, for example, low interest rates across Europe, desire to support renewable energy and environmental causes, and interest in new alternative finance options.
People and companies can be producers and consumers at the same time, and that is the revolutionising the traditional system.

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