The Indian railways is going to install an advanced, multi-level fire detection alert system.

Once the system in installed, the train will stop in case of a fire incident as brakes will be applied automatically if there is a fire in the train, followed by announcement and hooter sirens in the affected coach.
Furthermore, the railways will go ahead to equip all air-conditioned coaches used for overnight journey with the early warning fire detection system; the central monitoring system will be in the power car and the system is designed for multi-level alarm which is being programmed as per the requirements. In case of smoke level rises in a coach, the flesher light gets activated at the CMS to alert the technical staff and indicates the coach number which may be affected, so the technical staff is required to investigate if there is actually a case of potential fire in that particular coach. If the smoke rises a dangerous level, the brake application takes place automatically. An announcement followed by hooter takes place in the affected coach after a delay of 55 seconds.
Early warning of a fire event can prevent panic and loss of life and damage to assets, minimising disruption of services.

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