Two big transformations are simultaneously taking place in today’s energy sector. the transition from brown to green energy and the growth of sophisticated sensor, communication and data processing technologies are the key movements in the modern industry. The old utility model was to sell more and more kWh of a carbon-intensive energy product. With decarbonisation of the energy system, this model must change – customers want to use greener energy and to use less of it, so they reduce costs as well as reduce their carbon footprint.
more forward-thinking suppliers are embracing changes to the energy model, they see the value in delivering better customer propositions.

Origami Energy, a start-up company based in Cambridge, aims to bridge these two worlds with its distributed energy technology platform and believes technology such as this will be the key to an efficient, cheap and secure green energy future.
“We connect our customers’ distributed energy assets to our Technology Platform using our purpose-built energy router” says Alex Howard, head of strategy and innovation at Origami Energy. “The energy router is capable of continuously streaming sub-second metrology data to our centralised technology platform, which processes and stores it in our Big Data system. We use advanced analytics and machine learning to solve various operational optimisation problems and derive new insights for medium and long-term strategy. For example, to forecast when an asset will be available, the value of flexibility and how an asset should best be used to derive most value.
Our technology platform provides a single portfolio view across all of a supplier’s distributed energy assets. It allows them to monitor available flexibility across their portfolio in real-time and dynamically make changes to how flexibility is used to improve trading positions. Our technology platform uses a private cloud to provide almost unlimited scalability with the security of a private network. It is architected for global deployment.

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