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The APL series exchangers by Costante Sesino have been implementedfor a use on movable machines when the battery cannot stand the absorption of a dc fan or when the dc exchangers are not able to produce high thermic exchanges.

The radiative pack is made of aluminium because this material is a very good conductor; this allows great thermic yields and relatively little over-all dimensions. Thanks to the particular structure of the radiative pack the exchangers of the series APL are very resistant to the stresses produced by water hammers which, as peak values, must not exceed the minimum allowable dynamic pressure of 20 bar. The maximum allowable static pressure is of 35 bar.

It is recommended to assemble in parallel with the exchanger a by-pass valve to avoid extreme counter-pressures, particularly when the machine is started with cold oil.


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For a good exchanger working some oil rates are indicated in the tables. Going down the lowest rate of flow, the low oil speed causes a great loss in yield, whereas a rate of flow which is superior to maximum indicated, causes great losses of pressure and does not considerably increase the thermal yield. The yield curves indicate the specific exchange capacity in kcal/h°C or in kW/°C according to the different oil rates. To calculate the heat quantity the different exchangers are able to disperse it is enough to multiply such capacity by the difference between the requested oil temperature and the summer room temperature.

The components have been carefully chosen in order to supply the customer with a reliable product.

The fans are metallic, and metallic are also the protection grids where the hydraulic motor is fixed. Upon request it is possible to receive the motor support which prevent the driving shaft from radial stresses and it is also possible to receive a thermostat with protection IP 65 with different calibrations, 47°C or 60°C.


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