The Talgo trains, of Spanish origin, are know in particular for their wheels that are mounted in pairs but they are not joined by an axle and the bogies are shared between coaches rather than underneath individual coaches. For this reason, and for the characteristic smaller and shorter coaches, this type of railway car can take a turn at higher speed and with less swaying. Because of the coaches are not mounted directly onto wheel bogies, the coaches are more insulated from track noise. For all these reasons the Talgo train is also lighter than most of the other trains.

This train is the most spanish successful trial, and New Delhi Railways is considering the introduction of light weight aluminium coaches in the rail network to reduce the travelling time between metropolis. In fact the light weight Talgo train hauled by an Indian Railways locomotive has covered the distance between Delhi and Mumbai in 11 hours and 42 minutes in its final trial; the travel time has been reduced by about four hours. Currently, the super-fast Rajdhani Express train takes around 16 hours to cover the distance between New Delhi and Mumbai. However Talgo train design should be changed mainly for the width that has to be increased from the existing size.

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