subsea cable

The submarine cable infrastructure carries nearly 100 percent of all electronic communications around the world. These networks connect people and businesses across continents and any small disruption to the undersea cable system can potentially interfere with the estimated US $10 trillion worth of transactions that occur globally every single day. Considering the importance of these cables, it is necessary there are various measures in place to ensure their safety and security.

The repercussion of damages can be enormous, the submarine cable technology is very important. A very important method to prevent damage is technology, such as the coherent optical processing, that coupled with big data analytics can provide critical insight into the current state of submarine cable infrastructure. Subsea cable operators can also leverage software and program their network to automatically reroute traffic to other cables with available capacity.

The increased adoption of software defined networks (SDN) and big data analytics can enable intelligent traffic control as traffic patterns and the performance of the wet plant change over time.

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