Dorchester, South Carolina-based Geocycle, a provider of industrial, agriculture and municipal waste management services, says it uses an XR mobli-e waste shredder from Untha Shredding Technology, Austria, with a U.S. subsidiary, Untha America Inc. based in Hampton, New Hampshire, to further its zero waste ambitions.

The mobile unit has two 177-horsepower motors that process nonhazardous, postindustrial waste to produce refuse-derived fuel (RDF) that will be used for energy recovery in the nearby Holly Hill, South Carolina, cement plant.

Currently configured to manufacture 10 tons of alternative fuel per hour, the plant says it aims to generate 35,000 to 40,000 tons of RDF per year.

Geocycle was previously operating dual-shaft and single-shaft machines from other manufacturers. As damage from unshreddables began to restrict the performance of these machines, Geocycle made the switch to the Untha XR to facilitate single-pass RDF production.

“When I heard about the new Untha mobil-e [shredder] and the machine’s ability to handle a number of complex input materials, I was extremely interested,” says Nicolae Cuzuioc, director of processing expertise and business development at Geocycle. “We took delivery of a demo unit from Untha America in late 2018 so that we could trial the shredding technology using our own waste. It quickly proved such a crucial part of our plant that we’ve retained ownership of this machine until our own machine has arrived.”

Geocycle says it is impressed with the XR’s throughput, reduced operating costs, energy efficiency and easy maintenance.

“Every day we are learning that the XR has capabilities we didn’t previously think were possible,” Cuzuioc says. “So, I am really excited to see what the future holds for our facility as we begin to process even more heavy solids using this robust machine.”


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