According to ANIE Rinnovabili continues the trend in growth for photovoltaics: the installed capacity in the first five months of 2016 reached about 165 MW with an increase of 58% over the same period last year. Also the number of production units results in increase of 10%. In May small sizes (up to 20 kW) down to 53% of newly installed photovoltaic capacity than the previous observation, because the installation of a 19 MW plant in Abruzzo, and corresponding to 96% of the plants connected .
Appears to be decreasing the power of new installed wind power plants (about 66 MW) which until May 2016 was reduced by 37% compared to the same period of 2015. The production units related to wind power in the network are, however, increased by 3%. Connection requests of size of production units of more than 200 kW make up 73% of the installed plants.
There is a drop in the hydropower sector that sees reduced by 52% the new installed capacity, while the number of production units over the same period of 2015 grew by 3%. Hydroelectric plants of smaller size to 3 MW connected in the first five months of the year up 80% of the total.
Compared with the first quarter results was an improvement of the new wind and photovoltaic power installed, while a major constraint hydropower. The analysis of the economic data of the last quarter, confirms, however, a positive trend for the only photovoltaic (+ 27%), while wind fall (-36%) and hydropower (22%).
An important signal for the photovoltaic market also comes from the utility scale installations due to the construction of a 19 MW.

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