There are a lot of clean sources energy and it’s very difficult identify the greenest one. The vision of scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs coming from United States, Japan, China and Europe is that the better solution is go where the sun never sets: the space.

This idea has been developed over the years ’70, it is repeatedly revisited and abandoned because the project was very difficult to realize, only with the advent of super small, mass-produced satellites and reusable booster rockets are some beginning to take a much harder look at making space solar a reality.

There are a lots of ideas to how build a space-based solar collection system but the basic idea is like this: launch and assemble several sized modules in geosynchronous orbit, one part comprises mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto solar panels that convert the energy into electricity. Converters turn electricity into low-intensity microwaves that are beamed to large, circular receivers on the ground. Those antennae re-convert the microwaves back into electricity, which can be fed into the existing grid.

Two keystone structures are required for space solar to work. First, solid-state power amplifiers that efficiently convert electricity from collected sunlight into radio-frequency waves, and receivers on the ground that re-convert the radio-frequency waves back into electricity.

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