Spain has a wide range of companies with the proven technological capacity to develop biogas facilities. Biogas technologies convert organic wastes into renewable energy, clean transport fuel, and nutrient-rich natural fertiliser, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy and food security and air quality.
A recent study showed a potential for 26,684 gigawatt hours (GWh) of biogas in the country, enough to cover the energy demand of 40% of Spain’s households.
However, the same study shows that there are only 300 biogas production facilities currently operational in Spain.
The main reason for this under-utilisation of biogas goes back 10 years, when Spain became a world leader in photovoltaic and wind generation, but biogas did not develop at the same rate.
Thanks to policy support, the gas sector is now willing to buy biogas and even finance the facilities for its production.

Biogas is the only renewable energy that can be used for any of the major energy applications (electricity, heat, and fuel). It is also the only one that can be stored to be used when needed regardless of whether the wind is blowing or the sun is shining, and so is better suited to respond to industry’s needs than photovoltaic or wind power.
Spain has the market, opportunities, will, and technology to make biogas happen on a large scale, making it one of the most attractive European markets in which to develop biogas projects.

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