The Kingdom of Morocco and Federal Republic of Nigeria have announced that they will jointly develop a new regional pipeline connecting the two countries, it is designed to stimulate large- scale economic growth across the region. The Trans-African pipeline will improve access to energy across west Africa and will strengthen energy exports to Europe, linking gas to the European energy market through Morocco.

Trans-African project is designed to support the creation of industrial hubs, attract foreign investments, improve the competitiveness of exports, furthermore it has the object of speeding up electrification processes in the region, it also would establish a competitive regional market for electricity, likely to be linked to the European market of energy. It will also spur local transformation of natural resources available for national and international markets.

The gas pipeline will be 4,000 km long: the West Africa has the biggest gas reserves of more than 180 trillion cubic feet, a vast potential that represents a major solution to the nation’s power shortages. Nigeria works towards connect to the already existing Moroccan 310 mile-long part of the Maghreb-Europe pipeline, it connects a natural gas-condensate deposit in Algeria with the pipeline networks of Spain and Portugal.

For more information: http://www.sesino.it/

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