163 wind power experts from around the globe said that they expect the cost of wind energy to fall even further, those expert said that by 2030 the wind power cost could be reduced by 24 to 30 percent, based on the advances in turbine technology.

The study was conducted by researchers from Berkeley Lab, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), University of Massachusetts, and participants in IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme Task 26.

In 2015, onshore wind turbines had a power output of 2 MW. In 2030, experts suggest that power output will be of 3.25 MW. The offshore turbines have a power output of 4.1 MW on average, 2030’s offshore wind turbines will have an output of 11 MW.

As each turbine gets bigger and produces more energy, the cost of building that turbine will be easier to offset by the power it produces. The International Energy Agency and the Global Wind Energy Council have suggested that by 2040, 6 to 15 percent of global energy production could come from wind, and in 2050 that number could be 17 to 31 percent.

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