A recent study by the Institute for polymers, composites and biomaterials of the National Research Council (CNR) in Pozzuoli has brought out a new fiber properties, of great practical importance: the fibers not only act as reinforcing materials, but also have the function of transporting heat quickly along the longitudinal axis. A feature that can be deduced from the analysis of morphological matrix composite materials semicrystalline polymer.
The temperature distribution and the path of the heat flow during solidification factors are too variable and evanescent order to be measured with ordinary measuring instruments. However, they can be reconstructed by observing the morphology of polycrystalline solids. In particular, the morphological analysis of composite materials thermoplastic matrix used to determine the principal directions along which the latent heat has propagated during solidification.
Dall ‘microscopic examination it is deduced that the heat is transferred preferentially along the fibers, because of the higher resistance offered to the passage of heat from the matrix.
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