Metal AM company Velo3D has announced a partnership with PWR Advanced Cooling Technology to develop materials for its Sapphire 3D printing system and to serially produce heat exchangers. Headquartered in Australia, but with offices in the U.S. and UK, PWR is a global supplier of cooling solutions for F1, NASCAR and other racing series as well as automotive OEMs and the military and aerospace industries.

By working together, Velo3D and PWR aim to establish new standards in the production of heat-transfer parts for racing and industrial cooling applications. As part of their agreement, PWR will acquire and install a Sapphire 3D printer, making it the first in the Asia Pacific region to adopt the metal AM platform. As mentioned, both companies will also work together to develop aluminum alloy designs with thinner and more complex heat exchange features and better surface finishes.

“PWR chose Velo3D after extensive testing,” said Matthew Bryson, General Manager of Engineering at PWR. “The Velo3D Sapphire printer demonstrated the ability to produce class-leading thin-wall capabilities and high-quality surfaces with zero porosity. Velo3D and PWR share a passion for pushing the limits of technology to deliver truly disruptive, class-leading, products. We are a natural fit and look forward to building a strong partnership going forward.”

(Source: 3D Printing Media Network)

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