Wood as fuel provides 40% renewable energy and about 50% of world wood production (1.86 billion cubic meters) is used for cooking, heating and electricity generation.

Wood as a fossil fuel is worth as much as solar, hydroelectric and wind power combined, wood energy is also a source of economic development since almost 900 million people work in the sector, mostly in developing countries.
Forests, woodland and trees in general are valuable sources of energy, plus trees in the city are also sources of health for the globe: trees in the city if strategically placed can cool the air between the two and the eight degrees Celsius.
Fao stressed the importance of forests: globally, they would have a potential about ten times greater than natural energy consumption and would be perfectly able to meet demand in total autonomy.
WWF recalls that illegal tree cutting takes away at least 10 billion to industry and forest owners worldwide, as well as being responsible for 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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