The new tariff regulations are having a favourable impact on the investments due to be made in the water sector over the next few years. Following the referendum of June 2011 in which it became the decision-making party, AEEGSI (Authority for Electrical Energy, Gas and the Water System) is pressing forward with its work of transforming and adapting the integrated water sector.

The Authority has already approved tariffs for more than 34 million Italians served by 536 operators in 3,883 municipalities. The Regional Administrative Court (TAR) has entirely dismissed the appeals made by various consumer associations and promoters of the 2011 referendum, as well as structural aspects of the appeals filed by the management companies, thus confirming the new regulations. In the light of the new regulatory framework and the presence of rules that are clear and known in advance, national and international financial institutions are showing greater interest in sustaining the investments planned for the sector.

The new tariffs approved by AEEGSI will generate investments of more than 4.4 billion euros over the next 4 years (equivalent to an average annual investment of 32.5 euros per inhabitant). Although strong disparities remain with respect to other European countries (an average of 80 euros/inhabitant/year of investments), Italy is resuming a new investment cycle following the partial freeze over the last three years.

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