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The AP series heat exchangers by Costante Sesino are provided with a pre-wired electric plant, therefore the installation is easier. The connection with the outside is carried out through a IP64 connector or through a pull box.

Today the use of air in the oleohydraulic plants is more and more frequent. In fact, no water is required, the plant is independent from the piping system, the working costs are lower compared to water-oil exchangers, even if the initial investment is higher; finally in wintertime it is possible to use warm air to heat the room.

The air-oil heat exchangers have the radiative pack made of aluminium because this material is a very good conductor. The particular structure of the radiative pack allows great thermic yields and a great pressure resistance. The exchangers series AP are very resistant to the stresses produced by water hammers, that should not exceed the minimum allowable dynamic pressure of 20 bar. The maximum allowable static pressure is of 35 bar.


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It is recommended to assemble in parallel with the exchanger a by-pass valve to avoid extreme counter-pressures, particularly when the machine is started with cold oil.

All the exchangers of this series are equipped with an adjustable thermostat which allows to keep the oil temperature between 30°C and 90°C, according to the different requests. The choice of the fans has been carried out by taking into consideration all the European safety standards.

The air-oil exchangers can be used to cool other kinds of fluids which must be compatible with copper and its alloys.


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