Going by the slogan ‘Make your own green energy’, SeAB is specialised in waste-to-energy solutions.
Founded by Sandra Sassow, the english start-up SeaB transforms the waste produced by a neighborhood (or from a production or commercial plant) into energy to be consumed directly on site.
All this is made possible by energy plants called Flexibuster (for food waste) and Muckbuster (for agricultural waste). The plants are contained in common containers, and produce both electricity and heat.
The systems are easy to install and have found customers globally. More importantly, the systems turn organic waste into energy during the stage where waste is produced and energy is needed. How? By using special bacteria that break down waste to produce biogas which is then used to produce clean electric power.
Headquartered at the University of Southampton Science Park, a hub for clean tech innovation in England, SeAB’s Flexibuster has been using the bio-waste of local business in the area since 2011. When the start-up receives requests from potential customers, it analyses customers’ feedstock samples and estimates how much green energy its systems can produce.

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