The HYPSTAIR project has designed a serial hybrid propulsion system for small aircraft that uses an electric motor to drive the propeller. The electrical power can be sourced either from a battery pack, that can be recharged during the flight, or from an on-board fuel powered generator.
Project researchers have designed the hybrid propulsion system’s components from the conceptual stage. The components have been sized and designed considering the performance and energy efficiency of the complete airframe-propulsion system.
The plane chosen for the first test flight was provided by Pipistrel, the Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer that has coordinated the project. All of the powertrain components were developed by fellow project consortium member Siemens.
The HYPSTAIR project’s 200 kW motor is the most powerful hybrid electric powertrain developed for aviation to date, providing an equivalent amount of power as typical aviation engines. The HYPSTAIR drive motor is designed to deliver 200 kW for takeoff and 150 kW in cruise. The motor can run in electric-only mode, using battery power, generator-only mode or hybrid mode combining the two.
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