In 2013, gas vehicles registered in Italy, combining the new and converted vehicles, were 93,534, compared to 80,452 in 2012, an increase of 16.3%. On Italian roads there are approximately 750,000 vehicles of this type available. According to a study by the Federmetano, research facility on natural gas as motor fuel, the region where the growth has been greater is Piemonte (+88%), followed by Lazio (72.8%), Basilicata (43.6%), Puglia (37.1%) and Campania (24.6%). Bucking the Valle d’Aosta (-60.0%), followed by Trentino (-27.3%), Friuli (-20.0%), Liguria (-5.6%) and Tuscany (-3.9 %).

In Europe, the leading countries are Germany and Poland, where the use of natural gas (LPG and CNG) as power is strongly driven by automotive manufacturers. Even Pakistan, Venezuela, India and China have focused heavily on these alternative fuels, given the significant pollution problems that plague these regions.

The reasons behind this positive trend are to be found on several factors: the methane offers a great value for money compared to petrol and diesel, ensures low running costs and is a fuel with low environmental impact, among other things, allows the cars to get into the historic city centers, avoiding the usual traffic jams. The estimates point to a lower consumption of 70% compared to petrol models, while emissions fall by 52%.

The CNG and LPG fueled vehicles are becoming increasingly interesting for corporate fleets. More and more Italian companies interested in CNG and LPG vehicles, a trend confirmed by the continuous increase in the range of gas-powered vehicles on the market.

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