The WIN Automation, the major event on automation within the Eurasian Region, will exhibit the new developments in the area, demonstrating the great vitality of an industry that is driving all kinds of manufacturing and processes.

WIN_AutomationIn co-operation with Deutsche Messe, the 21th edition of the show will be  held in Istanbul between 19-22 March 2014 at the presso il Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center. The Fair will collect under a single umbrella the ‘vertical’ initiatives Otomasyon, Electrotech, Hydraulic & Pneumatic and Materials Handling. In parallel, the Industrial Activities Summit will be held, offering multiple chances of technical knowledge improvement through conferences, seminars, round tables, panels, company and product presentations and forum. Also Costante Sesino will be present among the exhibitors.

According to the Ministry of Industry records, the machinery manufacturing industry is the driving force of the industrialization of Turkey like in other parts of the world and it is considered as one of the pillars of Turkey’s future development. In particular, according to official statistics, the machinery industry will get a share of 100 billion USD from the 500 billion USD exports target for 2023. Moreover, the Turkish machinery industry has been displaying an annual growth rate of 20% since 1990.

A very positive picture, therefore, in a scenario where turkish economy is in front of a series of challenges, including an inflaction over 7%, a currency that is constantly losing value and a current account deficit around 7% of GDP, discouraging private savings, foreign investments and exports.

The impressive GDP growth, which reached an annual 9% in 2010 and 2011, was largely driven by debt-fuelled private consumption and property investment, which included awarding big contracts to fast-growing and highly leveraged Turkish construction firms. Investment in industry, on the other hand, has languished. The government has shown little interest in encouraging the building of new plants and attracting big industrial investment from abroad—which should be meat and drink to a land with industrial ambitions. Instead, profits made by established industries and by banks have been subject to sudden capricious taxation.

Therefore, the industry that is  represented by WIN Automation seems to hold the promise of an important change of route, for a Country that puts itself in to join the European Community.

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