The MS 152-172-202 heat exchangers by Costante Sesino logically complete the MS 84 and MS 134 series through greater sizes and an exchange surface that reaches 10 square meters.

These series have a removable tube bundle that makes them inspectable from both the oil and the water side. Thus, they are perfectly suited to different applications with non filtrated liquids.

The tube bundle can be in copper – for best performances with fresh water, copper-nickel – for marine water and stainless steel – for applications with corrosive fluids and gases. They consist of small diameter smooth tubes; this allows the best compromise between high thermic yield and low pressure loss.

Required water volumes are 85 l/h per kW to be dissipated with water temperature less or equal to 20°C; or 170 l/h per kW to be dissipated with water temperature over 20°C. The maximum working pressure allowed into the oil and water circuit is 12 bar.

Apart from the standard series, Sesino is able to manufacture customized versions of the heat exchangers with max. diameter of 500 mm and max. length of 4000 mm, according to the drawings provided by the customer.


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